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Theme song: The Greatest – Sia

She dreams of becoming the best of her kind

‘I wanna grow up to be more than anyone can imagine and more than I can ever be’ she says to herself

She calls herself a princess even though she doesn’t have a crown yet her admirable faith makes her believe that she will get her crown

She dreams of becoming the brightest star that shines every night though her life seems to be filled with gloom at the moment

Believe it or not she has the strength most men lack and courage as ferocious as that of the lion in her little town

That village of hers located in the deepest part of that remote town people have not even heard of

Her dream is to become the world’s greatest and it shines in her bright eyes whenever she thinks about it

She thinks not about what she lacks right now but is motivated by what she will become if she keeps going

And her favorite quote she always tells herself is ‘there is a difference no one else but I can make in this world and I’m not letting that go’

Her plan is to make mama and dada proud so she thrives to be that one difference in their lives

She plans on being someone that everyone knows and no matter how hard it gets she plans on living her dream

This is the little girl’s dream



Now I’m shattered and broken because I lost that one thing I cherished

What brought me laughter and light has left to never come back and it’s hard to believe

To know I’ve lost those beautiful moments and it’s left with only memories hurts my heart

Like a stray without a home I find my mind wandering

To those tight hugs and passionate kisses we shared all the time

And the arguments and quarrels we had when we needed our space

When we tangled up in each other’s arms savoring the feel of our skin beneath the sheets

Or those nights when only the moon and stars were witnesses to our sweet love making

I dreamt of forever and always with you and I saw it approach fast

But then you had to break it like a fallen glass with no room for repairs

If only I’d seen it coming I’d have loved you better, held you tighter and kissed you harder

I’d have spent my days with you and my nights would have been about you, me and only us

But it came like a tsunami and swept me off my feet with sadness and pain

And now I can do nothing but stare through the window as the rain drops fall slowly just as tears roll down my cheeks

You wished me goodnight and said you’d see me in the morning

So why did I wake up to meet a cold lifeless body beside me with eyes sunken in and without a spark

You remained deaf to my heart wrenching screams and painful tears that tore from my throat

I didn’t even have a chance to say goodbye because you left without a sign

You died in my arms without my heart knowing


The true meaning of words cut deep into the soul

But unlike the body, the pain of the soul is difficult to heal

The best doctors cannot cure the soul because the best pharmacists cannot make soul drugs

Even the wisest men know that much

But why do we hurt the soul more than the body?

The hurts those who claim to love us make us feel is tantamount to a cut deep into the flesh

It hurts, it bleeds and no amount of analgesic can curb that immense pain

Funny how a flesh pain has no impact on the soul but a soul pain cuts deep into the flesh

Come to think of it, the only ones who hurt us are the ones we love

Such an irony of life right?

How can two words mean the exact opposite but come about as a result of each other?

How can they even be used in the same context when they are no where alike?

We love to hate each other and we hate to love one another

Correct me if I’m wrong but whenever you are hurt to the soul it is by the people you love

We promise not to hurt those we love but we do hurt them on countless occasions

 Such a pity that we keep repeating the same empty promises generations before us could not fulfill

Soulless souls built on endless loss

That is what is left of us when our souls are cut too deep to be healed 

But through all the pain, hurt and broken dreams, time in its time heals all wounds

Because time itself is a self acclaimed soul drug