Now I’m shattered and broken because I lost that one thing I cherished

What brought me laughter and light has left to never come back and it’s hard to believe

To know I’ve lost those beautiful moments and it’s left with only memories hurts my heart

Like a stray without a home I find my mind wandering

To those tight hugs and passionate kisses we shared all the time

And the arguments and quarrels we had when we needed our space

When we tangled up in each other’s arms savoring the feel of our skin beneath the sheets

Or those nights when only the moon and stars were witnesses to our sweet love making

I dreamt of forever and always with you and I saw it approach fast

But then you had to break it like a fallen glass with no room for repairs

If only I’d seen it coming I’d have loved you better, held you tighter and kissed you harder

I’d have spent my days with you and my nights would have been about you, me and only us

But it came like a tsunami and swept me off my feet with sadness and pain

And now I can do nothing but stare through the window as the rain drops fall slowly just as tears roll down my cheeks

You wished me goodnight and said you’d see me in the morning

So why did I wake up to meet a cold lifeless body beside me with eyes sunken in and without a spark

You remained deaf to my heart wrenching screams and painful tears that tore from my throat

I didn’t even have a chance to say goodbye because you left without a sign

You died in my arms without my heart knowing

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