Theme song: The Greatest – Sia

She dreams of becoming the best of her kind

‘I wanna grow up to be more than anyone can imagine and more than I can ever be’ she says to herself

She calls herself a princess even though she doesn’t have a crown yet her admirable faith makes her believe that she will get her crown

She dreams of becoming the brightest star that shines every night though her life seems to be filled with gloom at the moment

Believe it or not she has the strength most men lack and courage as ferocious as that of the lion in her little town

That village of hers located in the deepest part of that remote town people have not even heard of

Her dream is to become the world’s greatest and it shines in her bright eyes whenever she thinks about it

She thinks not about what she lacks right now but is motivated by what she will become if she keeps going

And her favorite quote she always tells herself is ‘there is a difference no one else but I can make in this world and I’m not letting that go’

Her plan is to make mama and dada proud so she thrives to be that one difference in their lives

She plans on being someone that everyone knows and no matter how hard it gets she plans on living her dream

This is the little girl’s dream


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