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So This Is Christmas…

It all started on a cold winter night🌉 when a young couple👫 moved from door to door🏠 looking for a place to stay but they just weren’t getting 😖… 

Every room seemed full but alas! They found a barn with a little stable inside. A stable where animals🐑 laid was where the woman 👩laid and brought forth the most beautiful baby👶…

That’s the story of Christmas🎄, where the Jesus😇 we celebrate 🎊today was born in nothing but a simple stable for animals 🐏which is the most humble place anyone can be born…

Now here’s the beauty of Christmas🎄🎅…

It’s that moment when we appreciate the smallest things🐤 that we have and find beauty in it🍗…  

That moment when we make the most🍭 out of what we have to make merry🎂…

That beautiful time of the year where joyous joy 💃abounds everywhere🌍…

So this is Christmas🎄🎅… Merry Christmas loves 😘😘


Theme song: I’m every woman – Whitney Houston 

Flirting with them all is her peaceful bargain 
Her pure heart of gold knows no troubles 

The clear conscience she has prevents all pain 

A phenomenal woman she carries herself so 

Her charming smile though depicts it all

Smart with style is how I’ll describe her

Beauty with brains is what I call her

An imperfect perfection of womanhood 



Theme song: Hero – Mariah Carey 

In the lonely hours of my life I brave up

I fight harder and run faster from it 

From those demons inside inside me that fight me

To conquer them and bring myself bliss

I’m standing upright to face myself 

Healing myself on the way when injuries befall

In the lonely hours of my life 

I tend to become a hero for myself 



It breaks, it crushes, it tears apart

With the power to portray a vivid art

Swifter than a rat chased by a hungry cat

It jumps and falls like a naughty brat

Well, it’s a fragile heart

It doesn’t listen neither does it learn

Surprising all with its persistent strength 

It backs down not without a fight

But the gain at the end is an earn

Well, it’s a fragile heart

Small as a fist but stronger than a lion

I sometimes wonder if it’s made of iron

But who knows, it could feel like nylon

Though it leads us all like a delightful stallion 

Well, it’s a fragile heart 


3 Key points you need to know about public speaking… 

1.Public speaking is an art that needs training, practice and determination to achieve mastery. 

2. It is an act of doing something and therefore you need to coordinate your whole body into a team. Let your actions depict your words and vice versa. 

3.No one just got up and became perfect at it but they practiced hard, tried harder and worked hardest to be good at it.

* You can do it with self belief and constant practice!!👍👍