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Theme song: Hero – Mariah Carey 

In the lonely hours of my life I brave up

I fight harder and run faster from it 

From those demons inside inside me that fight me

To conquer them and bring myself bliss

I’m standing upright to face myself 

Healing myself on the way when injuries befall

In the lonely hours of my life 

I tend to become a hero for myself 



It breaks, it crushes, it tears apart

With the power to portray a vivid art

Swifter than a rat chased by a hungry cat

It jumps and falls like a naughty brat

Well, it’s a fragile heart

It doesn’t listen neither does it learn

Surprising all with its persistent strength 

It backs down not without a fight

But the gain at the end is an earn

Well, it’s a fragile heart

Small as a fist but stronger than a lion

I sometimes wonder if it’s made of iron

But who knows, it could feel like nylon

Though it leads us all like a delightful stallion 

Well, it’s a fragile heart 


3 Key points you need to know about public speaking…Β 

1.Public speaking is an art that needs training, practice and determination to achieve mastery. 

2. It is an act of doing something and therefore you need to coordinate your whole body into a team. Let your actions depict your words and vice versa. 

3.No one just got up and became perfect at it but they practiced hard, tried harder and worked hardest to be good at it.

* You can do it with self belief and constant practice!!πŸ‘πŸ‘




You are born with so much potential and capabilities to just give up because someone is blinded to the greatness in you.

Instead of losing hope and giving up, be determined to work harder and do more to prove to the world that the best is in you

Let your rejection be your driving force to success… Let’s live right!! πŸ‘πŸ‘


Health Tip:


A cup of tea β˜• every morningπŸ•• is the right way to start a healthy day. Research 🌍shows that a cup of tea can perform lots of functions such as:

  • Reduce risk of heart attack and stroke ❀
  • Help with weight loss πŸ‘«
  • Protect bonesπŸ’ͺ
  • Boost the immune system πŸƒ
  • Help battle cancer πŸ’Š
  • And finally keep your smile bright 😊

Let’s try itπŸ˜‰….Let’s live right!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘



I’ve fallen in love with music and everything else that has to do with it because it has shown me the essence of life. 
It was music that taught me to take one step at a time like Jordan Sparks, to feel Alive and be the greatest like Sia and that I can be a conqueror like Estelle.

My first true love (music) sang to me you’re beautiful by James Blunt and that made me love no one else like Alicia Keys. I mean how can I try sleeping with a broken heart like Alicia Keys if music has been loving me forever like Westlife. You know I need not work like Rihanna to feel drunk in love like Beyonce because it sang to me Bruno Mars’ Count on me.

The thing is I feel a new flame whenever we are together and I always want to do it again like Chris Brown and Mia because this is a dream come true just like Michelangelo’s

Do you mind like DJ Khaled to step aside because just like Maroon 5, I don’t wanna know whatever you are thinking out loud because you are not Ed Sheeran
Unlike Enrique Iglesias’ and Mariah Carey’s Hero, my greatest love of all is music by Whitney Houston

I actually do agree with Justin Bieber to ask “what do you mean? when he has found a purpose that makes him shine brighter than Rihanna’s diamond

And what I’d never stop saying to music is that, just like Whitney Houston, I look to you and I will always love you because you are incredible like Celine Dion said with Ne-Yo and simply amazing like Trey Songz. 

Now this, just as One Direction said is the Story of my life and we should all live while we’re young.