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*Dance of Love*

Bouncing lightly across the road her heart soars
Singing softly with all his heart, his voice trembles

The joy they share is an unmeasurable one

Their dances in the rain has no witness but the skies 

He sings, She dances…She sings, He dances

The starry midnight sky alone knows their secrets 

Of their soft talks behind curtains all day

And their subtle touches in the dark all night 

He sings, She dances….She sings, He dances 

The fear of getting caught by families keeps them apart

But the strong feelings they share binds them together 

And the beauty of their love overcomes the order

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~ RACE ~

As the days go by and the nights flash away 
The journey of men still lives to tomorrow

A striving soul determines to achieve more

Even a comfortable soul seeks for more

The race of men is an unending track

It takes and gives like a seller to a buyer

Only to those who deserve, it gives out

But sometimes, most times, it gives to the undeserving 

Like a child born with a silver spoon to an expensive family 

He gets and wastes without lifting a finger

But the unfortunate seeker born into poverty

His life is an undesired struggle to survive 

A day’s meal to him is a headache to cure

Whiles a luxury to obtain is a heartache to heal



The overbearing need to be understood hovers all around me and I just can’t find a hearing soul

It makes the tears trickle down my face as the rain does on my window pane

When I reach out for it, I find no solace or joy

My heart and soul wails for peace but it seems peace has also abandoned us

What happens now that there is no where to hide? 

Where there is no feeling like joy or pain in us and everything sure does feel numb

It never seem to close up but always finding ways to open up, this emptiness within me

Deep inside I wish it was all so simple to handle and forget and Heaven knows I’ve tried

But over and over again it all continues to come back, haunting my nights and scaring my days

My loud wails when I wake during the night is heard by no one but me

Now the darkness has decided to be my worst foe and even light sometimes gets to me

How do I run when I don’t know what is chasing me or pulling me back? 

How do I live when I don’t even know how to? 



You make me feel more beautiful than a starry night 
I swear I’ve never seen eyes shine brighter than light

Than those times when I see your eyes shine so bright 

I’m sure that smile you carry can light up New York city 

A mere sight of you makes my spirit soar with elation 

It brightens my saddest days and lights up my darkest night 

I just can’t help but feel you are my wildest fantasy 

A beautiful dream come true even when I’m not asleep 

Hold my hand so we can race through this world together 

Because you make everything feel like magic to me

When you live, I live and when I live, we live together