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You are the planner of your life, you make your choices and make your decisions. You set your own goals and plans to achieve them or not. You choose to win and you choose to lose. 

You see life is all about the choices we make because it is what you choose that you become. So you’ve met a stumbling block in life and you feel like it has gotten to the end? You think you can’t make it because of a certain situation or condition? Or maybe right now you think that you’re going through the worst of things ever?

Guess what? You are not the only one. There are people going through worse than you think and even they are not giving up.
Why don’t you go back and reflect on that poor beggar you met on the streets or saw on television and you’ll realize that you’re in the fairer position.

You think life is not fair? Well yes, life is definitely not fair so deal with it, handle it the right way because you’re not the only one going through the pains of life.
Just because you failed once means you’re giving up? Why not channel that pain, hurt and regret into your fuel? Let it drive you faster than you’ve ever gone and let it push you to try harder and give it your best.
Failure is part of us, it is a phase in life but not us. We are not failures because we’ve succeeded more than once so why let one failure bring us down? Aren’t we better than just giving up in life? Can’t we do better than just letting it all go?
Have you thought of yourself and the people you are ridding of your positive impact in their lives?

You know people have gone through worse and they’ve been able to live through it.
You can do better than you are doing now. You can live a better life than what you’ve accepted as your fate
You can be anything you want to be
You are the brightest star in the sky and someone out there is looking up to you to shine.

Your life means a lot

Say no to Suicide

I stand for the Can Do spirit

I stand for Life
I stand for Humanity

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I met failure in the face and I fell to my knees for my head never thought this day would come so it shut down and my legs has no control station 

Then I saw the face of failure as I looked up and realized that failure wasn’t ugly or scary as I had expected but it looked just like us all -simply human 


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A Letter To Women

Dear Women,

It saddens my heart that that the content of my letter is not filled with Joy and happiness but rather with pain.
You know we are now evolving and the world is changing from it’s old ways to new ones. So why are we still hiding behind the statues of men when we can stand firm and build our own statues?
Why are we sitting quiet as some men trample over our rights and beat us into silence and submission?
Why do we still let men take the lead and act like it’s the norm and it’s supposed to happen when we can take the first step into the future ourselves?
Why don’t we stop acting like damsels in distress waiting for our knights in shining armor to come when we can rise up and save ourselves?
Women, I would gladly like you to know that, we are powerful beyond measure, strong beyond compare and intelligent beyond our imaginations. Our instincts are on point and our creativity is outstanding. Infact, we are able to do whatever we set our hearts to do almost to perfection so I’m wondering why we are still slagging off and watching our whole lives while away.
It’s not possible to comprehend the fact that we are still hiding behind the shadows and hiding from the spotlight. It’s a pity that we don’t see the true essence and value of our pride, dignity, words and our lives
In conclusion, I would just like all women to know that it’s about time we stopped shutting down our dreams and hiding from our greatness. It’s about time we found our strength and came out to stand for what we believe in which is ourselves
It’s time for us to get out there and make our mark in life before we leave.
Just as Michelle Obama said, women and girls can do whatever they want. There is no limit to what we as women can accomplish. Thank you

Yours faithfully
(a feminist)