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Its about time AFRICA

It’s about time we stopped following the blind and create a path with the knowledgeable

Its about time we stepped out of our comfort zones and move to the warfront

We need our​ aged to remember the good old days

We need our young to see ahead with a vision

We need our children to dream about the betterment of our home

It is ours, yes it’s our continent and home

It’s our pride and our worth

It’s our Network and our net-worth

Our values are our pride as our cultures are our lives

Yes indeed it is our life

Let’s stop observing our mistakes and let’s start cherishing our culture and heritage 

It’s time for a change… It’s time to make a difference… It’s time to live right 

This is AFRICA

The Home of the greatest

Our Legacy lives Forever


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We used to have the most cultured and respected generation filled with dignity​ and love for our culture and heritage

What happened to us that what our parents feared to do we now use it to “whatsapp”? 

Copying blindly from the western world, we’ve lost our dignity and pride and I wonder how we will ever get it back? 

Even our television stations and FM radios have stopped teaching and broadcasting our culture but they have inculcated the western culture into our children

The purely appalling sense of a so-called fashion has become a canker in our children and our parents do nothing but put their hands in their bosom and observe

Where? Where?? Where??? 

Where are we going from here my people? What do we see to become of our continent years to come? 

What do we see our children mature to be in the near future if they go on like this?

What is our perception of our future if we stay in our comfort zone and ruin our culture?

The story continues….


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