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Happy New Month… Birthday Loading ðŸ˜‰

Happy New Month hunnybunnies!!! 😘😘

It’s August yaaayy

And oh yes it’s my favorite month

Guess who’s born in August 🙈

Awww yes yes it’s me

Hurray my birth month is here

Have a blast loves

I love you all 😍😘❤



Late night walk in the park….1

I was laying in bed thinking of when I’ll get the chance to see him again

I looked at the wall clock, the wrist watch and just about the same moment the church clock struck 12

Yes, it was midnight and I was still deprived of sleep

Just as I pulled my comforter over my head I heard two taps on my window

Step after step I got to my window  and looking out I saw him

You know that cliche moment where your heart skips a thousand beats and triples them again? 

Yes, that is the feeling I had when I saw my lover at the window

But wait, I knew someone was watching us from a distance.

The story continues…..


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