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The most inhumane thing you could ever go through is ABUSE

It hurts, it destroys and it kills

Don’t let more people be victims

Join me as we Advocate against all forms of Abuse

You can save someone with just your voice and your words


Let’s Stop Abuse


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“He touched me

He took my innocence

He hurt me

He broke me

He warned me never to tell 

Or else I’ll die”
Now this is her singsong

From being the world’s greatest to a broken soul

Can you feel it? 

The emptiness behind her words

Can you see it?

The hollowness of her eyes

Can you sense it?

The sadness in her voice

Can you touch it?

The tears from her eyes

Can you???

She wore her heart on her sleeve and now it has been ripped off to nothing

Her pride of womanhood has been stripped off of her 

Who knows what other implications it might lead to…. contraction of STIs, pregnancy or even death

For she has been broken physically, emotionally and psychologically

She needs help

She needs couseling

She needs monitoring

But even with all this, she can’t tell anyone

Because he threatened her

Now she’s broken, scared, confused and alone

And as she trudges down the path home, she wonders of it’s all worth it

For she has to go through all this….for what??

One​ selfish carnal man’s ungodly and unruly desires???
Let’s End Child Abuse

Let’s Say No to Rape


-The Advocate

Facebook: The Advocate

Instagram: nana_aba84


“What do I want to be in future?

That’s the question my teacher asked me in school today….

I want to be the UN secretary general when I grow up so I can help the whole world

Yes…that’s my dream”
She has a dream

That is her dream

As young as she is, she aims at helping the world at large

Such a beautiful dream is it?

But that’s not the story I’m telling today

The story continues when she meets her unfortunate dream killer

The dark clouds that consumes her soul with painful tears and bitterness

It wasn’t unconscious nor unthought of but it was a planned cruel act of a heartless being

He had laid wait in the darkness for her for so long but it looked like there was always someone with her 

And today, just when she had to go alone, the devil in him strikes

Ripping her of her clothes, dignity, future and life

She’s just but a girl with a dream and a child with a vision

She’s just but a world changer whose world gets changed rather

All for what? 

His selfish heartless and carnal desires?
Let’s End Child Abuse

Let’s say no to Rape


-The Advocate

Facebook: The Advocate

Instagram: nana_aba84



“Help!!! Help!!!! Somebody save me!!! Please don’t do this to me!!!

Please I beg you please stop 

Stop stop you’re hurting me!!!!


Do you know why she’s screaming? 

Can you imagine what she’s going through?

No? You can’t guess? Let me tell you then…

She’s wailing and screaming because someone is tearing apart her insides brutally

Can you relate to it now? 

Do you understand how she’s feeling? 

Yes, you’re right or maybe you’re wrong but that’s besides the point because the point is, she is being abused sexually. 

She’s being raped by someone who is capable of being her father, Uncle, brother or even her friend.

Why is he raping her when he knows it will ruin her life? 

Why would someone​ just get up and destroy an innocent girl’s future? 

Doesn’t he have a conscience? 

No feelings or emotions?

No heart or brain?

That child being raped might be the solution to a nation’s issues but look at her now

She will never be the same again

She will lose herself if she doesn’t get help

She will be traumatized for life

She won’t see the world the same again

All due to what??? 

One selfish, heartless man’s carnal, unruly and ungodly desires?