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Theme song: A mother’s prayer – Celine Dion 

***Dedicated to all the special women who have the privilege of being called a mother and most especially to my mum***

I was just observing her from afar and what I saw in her eyes was the true definition of happiness 

Believe you me, it was absolutely wonderful and up until now I find it to be indescribable but I’m going to try to put it in words for you

I think for her, it was that moment where everything felt just right

That almost perfect moment when she looked into the eyes of her baby and they both smiled

Mama mia! It suddenly felt as if Elsa had jumped out of the frozen movie to freeze that moment too

My heart got caught in my throat and tears welled up in my eyes, threatening to spill

Oh no! Not the tears and definitely not in public…. I wasn’t going to cry, I chanted to myself 

But then I wanted to know more and to feel exactly how she was feeling so I decided to stop being a spectator ion and join the reaction 

I drew closer to her and asked her that one question on my heart…. How do you feel? 

For a moment, just for a split second she turned to look at me and when she looked back at her bundle of joy she broke into an out of the world smile

Then she spoke those words that melted my heart bit by bit like snow in the sun

I feel like there is no greater joy or love I can have than what I have right now. To be honest, during some terms in my pregnancy I felt like just giving up… From the morning sickness to the general weakness and tiredness and not to talk of the painful contractions before and during childbearing. But you know, through it all, I felt an inner peace knowing that I have brought forth a new life to cause a change in the world and that my dear, makes my love for my child grow stronger with each breath I take’

After listening to her, all I could do was to smile and conclude that indeed her joy is immeasurable. 

And in that moment, I realized that there is no stronger earthly love than that of a mother’s.