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Seasonal Greetings

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again

No matter the race, religion, language or continent we come to celebrate

A New Season of life

A New Year of love

A New day of happiness

Wishing you the best in the year to come

Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! Joyeux Noël! Buon Natale!


*Dance of Love*

Bouncing lightly across the road her heart soars
Singing softly with all his heart, his voice trembles

The joy they share is an unmeasurable one

Their dances in the rain has no witness but the skies 

He sings, She dances…She sings, He dances

The starry midnight sky alone knows their secrets 

Of their soft talks behind curtains all day

And their subtle touches in the dark all night 

He sings, She dances….She sings, He dances 

The fear of getting caught by families keeps them apart

But the strong feelings they share binds them together 

And the beauty of their love overcomes the order

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Living a perfect life is like trying to break out of an impenetrable shell 
Its an impossible task only fools set their minds to do

Perfection is just a word conjured by a heartless person to decieve and misguide people

How can we be perfect when we aren’t even created in the sense of perfection? 

Even the dumbest being knows deep inside his miniscule brain that no one is perfect

Why therefore should we force ourselves into an impossible state of perfection? 

If perfection was real then women wouldn’t need an ounce of make-up in their lives

If it actually existed then men wouldn’t need do so much just to gain a lady’s attention

Why then should we torture and torment ourselves with a course that isn’t even real? 

Booty job, mouth jobs and boobs job are factual evidence of imperfection

To be perfect means you do not need to improve upon anything at all

Perfection means to be at the highest peak where there is no mistake or fault

I wonder why we all are trying so hard to attain an unrealistic ideology

So what if we have a fault somewhere?

What does it matter if a woman feels she need to add up with make up to feel complete?

If only we could figure out our imperfections and work to better them, then we wouldn’t struggle to attain the unattainable image of perfection

Instead of grumbling about it why don’t we find beauty in our imperfections and our oddness?

Why don’t we see them to be our very reason for being unique in our own way?

Imperfection is a virtue and only the smartest of people appreciate and accept the beauty of it

Its about time we discovered and accepted that we are perfectly imperfect