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When we get to our crossroads

We always have two choices,

 either to reach for our goals​ 

or to reach for temporary comfort

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An indirect state of mind with no definition
Where right is wrong and wrong is right

Or which is which because I don’t know the difference

Is there even a difference between right and wrong?

Or are they all the same, I really do not know

What sets the mark that distinguishes this two?

Now I’m at a point where I just need to know

My jumbled mess of a mind knows not what to do neither does my scientific entity called brain

I’m in a tangle with no idea how to untangle myself

What is wrong and what is right?

Or should I rather ask, which is right and which is wrong?

Such a misfortune it is to be miserably turmoiled with these two words because I just can’t tell the difference

But there is one thing I do know for sure

Confusion has captured my entire state of mind