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A Letter To Women

Dear Women,

It saddens my heart that that the content of my letter is not filled with Joy and happiness but rather with pain.
You know we are now evolving and the world is changing from it’s old ways to new ones. So why are we still hiding behind the statues of men when we can stand firm and build our own statues?
Why are we sitting quiet as some men trample over our rights and beat us into silence and submission?
Why do we still let men take the lead and act like it’s the norm and it’s supposed to happen when we can take the first step into the future ourselves?
Why don’t we stop acting like damsels in distress waiting for our knights in shining armor to come when we can rise up and save ourselves?
Women, I would gladly like you to know that, we are powerful beyond measure, strong beyond compare and intelligent beyond our imaginations. Our instincts are on point and our creativity is outstanding. Infact, we are able to do whatever we set our hearts to do almost to perfection so I’m wondering why we are still slagging off and watching our whole lives while away.
It’s not possible to comprehend the fact that we are still hiding behind the shadows and hiding from the spotlight. It’s a pity that we don’t see the true essence and value of our pride, dignity, words and our lives
In conclusion, I would just like all women to know that it’s about time we stopped shutting down our dreams and hiding from our greatness. It’s about time we found our strength and came out to stand for what we believe in which is ourselves
It’s time for us to get out there and make our mark in life before we leave.
Just as Michelle Obama said, women and girls can do whatever they want. There is no limit to what we as women can accomplish. Thank you

Yours faithfully
(a feminist)



Theme song: I’m every woman – Whitney Houston 

Flirting with them all is her peaceful bargain 
Her pure heart of gold knows no troubles 

The clear conscience she has prevents all pain 

A phenomenal woman she carries herself so 

Her charming smile though depicts it all

Smart with style is how I’ll describe her

Beauty with brains is what I call her

An imperfect perfection of womanhood