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Heart Broken

I can’t seem to get you out of my mind

Everything around reminds me of you and the tears will just not stop flowing

My eyes hurt and so does my heart

Every word you ever said to me

Some make me smile and the tears still fall

And the ones that make me frown also come with tears

And surely it seems everything has deserted me

Even the always there beauty sleep has left me

Can’t forget about you but don’t want to think about you either

And as I keep watching the time as it tick tock

I dream of finding a shooting star because I really need a wish right now



The torment of the mind lies within the heart
The mind goes into turmoil when the heart is uneasy

Oddly enough, the strong mind sheds tears for the weak heart

What a contrasting difference but hey, such is life

An unfair fairness born of a cruel heart is called heart

It takes without reason like a man on a mission

Sorry it says not and please it respects not

The most miserable calamities might bring it joy

And sometimes I wonder if it considers Feelings

An intense attachment of the mind and heart 

That entity which breaks the laws of physics but sticks to that of chemistry

The only element that defies the rule of nature

Now this, is my simple definition of Feelings

Though it comes in various indefinable forms

It causes the heart and mind to be as one