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Wednesday Wisdom

About a year ago I had the opportunity to have a one on one chat with the most influential man in Ghana, Dr Mensa Otabil and when I asked him how he made it this far he said to me “my dear it’s all about Focus, that is all you need to do because when you are focused you can achieve everything”

And this has been an inspiration and a sense of caution to me. I have been able to reach higher heights​ now because I Focused​ and I can attest to what he said….All you need to do is to Focus


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You are born with so much potential and capabilities to just give up because someone is blinded to the greatness in you.

Instead of losing hope and giving up, be determined to work harder and do more to prove to the world that the best is in you

Let your rejection be your driving force to success… Let’s live right!! 👍👍